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September 26-28, 2018 :: Piešťany Spa, Slovakia — Hotel Magnolia****

The Spa history is closely linked with the history of the city. The first reliable report on Piestany, such as spas, comes from the year 1549, located in the file George Wernher De admirandis Hungariae aquis hypomnemation – On wondrous waters of the Hungarians, which was published in Basel.

In 1682 Leopold I, Holy Roman Emperor, King of Hungary, Croatia, and Bohemia, at the request of the owners of the manor Hlohovec in which included the Piestany, took Piestany and the Bank under his protection. The first written protection spa — Salva Guardia (1682, a kind of statute spa – it is one of the earliest written documents on the protection of spas in Europe), deprived community obligations of lodgings army, forbade requisitions of horses, cattle, food etc. for the imperial army, which had a favourable impact on the development of the spa.

During the 19th century, worked in a spa first balneologist in Piestany, MD. Francis Ernest Scherer (1805-1879) the author of a monograph on the spa. MD. Martin Marschall is the author of the German published dissertation about Piešťany Spa (1838). About spa also wrote MD. David Wachtel (1859) and other others.

The basic natural medicinal of the spas is the gypsum-sulfuric thermal water with a temperature of 67-69 °C (applied in the form of water baths and swimming pools) and healing sulphurous mud (applied in the form of partial or total packs).
GPS: N 48.587447, E 17.836978.

Participating Universities

Slovak University of Agriculture in Nitra :: Nitra, Slovakia
University of Ljubljana, Biotechnical Faculty, Zootechnical Department :: Ljubljana, Slovenia
University of Zagreb, Faculty of Agricultural :: Zagreb, Croatia
University J. J. Strossmayer, Faculty of Agricultura in Osijek :: Osijek, Croatia
University of Kaposvár, Faculty of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences :: Kaposvár, Hungary
University of Padova :: Padova, Italy
University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences :: Vienna, Austria
Czech University of Life Sciences in Prague :: Prague, Czech Republic

Coordinating Committee

Martino Cassandro, Italy
Marko Čepon, Slovenia
Gulio Cozzi, Italy
Ino Čurik, Croatia
Peter Dovč, Slovenia
Birgit Fürst-Waltl, Austria
Vesna Gantner, Croatia
Radovan Kasarda, Slovakia
Wilhelm Knaus, Austria
Goran Kušec, Croatia
Árpád Bokor, Hungary
Krešimir Salajpal, Croatia
Johann Sölkner, Austria
Anna Trakovická, Slovakia
Luboš Vostrý, Czech Republic
Gerolamo Xiccato, Italy
Silvester Žgur, Slovenia
Melinda Zomborsky, Hungary

Organizing Committee

President: Radovan Kasarda
Secretary: Friderika Hallová

Anna Trakovická
Juraj Candrák
Ondrej Kadlečík
Martina Miluchová
Nina Moravčíková

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